Commit to praying with us by joining our prayer team or receiving our monthly prayer emails.

We have individual, group, long and short-term volunteer opportunities available. We also have internship and short-term mission opportunities.

Become a financial partner to help us meet the needs in our community.

Contact us to schedule a vision tour for yourself or your group to learn more about Reborn Ministries. 


 Below are some of the ways you or your group can get involved with Reborn.

Tutor to Thrive.

Tutor to Thrive provides support for children to thrive academically focusing on creating a collaborative network of teachers, educators, and parents to address behavioral challenges and learning gaps. Tutor to Thrive provides in-school support and after-school tutoring 3 days a week for enrolled students at Melody Elementary.


Begins September 1st. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 2:30-4:30 PM 



Violence holds communities hostage and rips at its very fabric. Reborn establishes safe places in the summer by providing a physical environment that doesn’t invite crime or offer opportunities for violence to brew. Reborn’s Overflow Ministry is open 3 days a week for 12 weeks. Tangible felt needs such as a hot meal, a cup of coffee, practical supportive services such as masks, sanitizer, wellness bags are provided. Access to resources in the community and free enrollment in anger management classes are available. In addition to felt needs, Overflow provides a place to engage in healthy and supportive relationships across age, gender and race. 


Summer Schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1-3pm

Teach a special skill.

Commitment is flexible.
Photography, writing, cooking, etc.