People in our community are hungry for relationship and desperate for life change. Overflow, our community coffee ministry, provides a place for our neighbors to meet, rest and be encouraged. It is a place where people can openly share their loneliness, brokenness and need for God, while sitting at a table over a cup of coffee. Through Overflow, we get to share God’s love, meet a need for friendship, and empower our community with practical support. It is a first step toward community transformation—building trusting relationships.


Our community is consumed by addictions. The hurt and pain people deal with is often the cause of a rising substance abuse problem in our community. The effects of the destructive power of drugs on our people and families is evident. Our Free in Christ Recovery program is designed to educate and support families dealing with addiction begin the journey of healing and restoration. Through trained leaders, we facilitate safe, confidential, Christ centered groups where people can grow, find freedom through Christ, set healthy boundaries and rebuild trusting relationships.


Many people of our community live with very limited income that barely supports their needs. However, most of our people live their whole lives without ever learning how to manage their money well. Faith & Finances is a financial education ministry that empowers low-income people with practical money management skills, biblical stewardship principles, and supportive relationships. This class is about more than just gaining financial knowledge and learning best practices. We go deeper to discover how our worldview and values affect the way we relate to money.


Many of the children in our community struggle in school and are performing below grade-level standards. A recent study shows that students who struggle to read at grade level by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school than proficient readers. We have partnered with a local elementary school to offer weekly tutoring and in-school educational support for at risk students. Students receive one-on-one instruction in a loving, caring environment.


Each week we provide a consistent, loving, safe place for children and youth to spend time after school. Students play, laugh, learn, connect with caring adults, and hear from God’s Word. Our programs focus on building life skills, providing educational and emotional support, and connecting children to Christ, in order to help our students rise above the statistics.